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DSCF4086 Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping – We have worked on and completed numerous Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping projects from smaller projects that were completed independently, to working as part of a team on large projects.

 Predictive Ecosystem Mapping – We have also worked on predictive ecosystem mapping projects, specifically completing the accuracy assessments.

DSCF4229Sensitive Ecosystem Inventories – Sensitive Ecosystem Inventories have been completed, including for the Atlin – Taku Planning Area spanning over 3 million hectares.

Kidprice Nanika Falls  Protected Area Management Planning – Drosera Ecological Consulting has worked on management plans for over 70 Provincial Parks, Ecological Reserves and Conservancies across British Columbia. Our work on these plans has ranged from completing the full plan, including conducting open houses for public input, to only compiling the background information on the protected area. We have also written vegetation management plans, completed recreation inventories and backcountry recreation impact monitoring and conservation risk assessments.

DSCF3644Ecosystem Monitoring and Restoration – We have worked on several ecosystem monitoring and restoration projects, including using prescribed fire and doing post-fire monitoring, grassland condition monitoring and floodplain condition ranking.


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