Drosera Ecological Consulting


Drosera Ecological Consulting provides ecological consulting services for natural resource management in the northwest of British Columbia. Adrian de Groot R.P.Bio., the president and ecologist, has been working in natural resource management since 1990. Adrian has a  M.Sc. in ecology from University of Otago, New Zealand; B.Sc. degree in ecology from Massey University, New Zealand; and a diploma in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). His masters research was on the ecology of peatlands in southern New Zealand in relation to environmental factors. Adrian strives to meet the needs of clients through regular communication.

Adrian has worked on a wide variety of vegetation inventory, management and research projects over many years. His work covers areas from southern to northern British Columbia, Yukon and Arctic regions. He has experience in many different ecosystem types from coastal to interior areas including:

  • floodplains,
  • wetlands,
  • forests,
  • grasslands, and
  • alpine.

Adrian’s work has included:

  • Rare and sensitive ecosystem mapping and inventory,
  • Floodplain dynamics research and mapping,
  • Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM),
  • Site Index by Site Series (SIBEC) sampling,
  • Ecosystem restoration,
  • Vegetation classification,
  • Element Occurrence creation for the Conservation Data Centre, and
  • Writing park and vegetation management plans.

This range of projects requires Adrian to have a good understanding of ecological patterns and processes, plant species and the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system. Adrian has completed hundreds of ecosystem field plots; completing the site, vegetation, soils and terrain information.

Adrian is also competent at compiling information from many sources, and writing comprehensive documents using that information. This information is used in vegetation classification, planning projects, literature reviews, status reports or research reports. He has written, in whole or in part, Park Management Plans, Vegetation Management Plans, Recreation Management Plans or Background Reports for over 70 protected areas in BC.

He is experienced in the Conservation Data Centre methods for tracking and ranking listed ecosystems, including writing element occurrence specifications, ecosystem status reports and ecosystem characterization abstracts and creating element occurrences.

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